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VOA商务英语 - Lesson 266 - losing a job can be positive (2)

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Mickey刚失业,跟朋友Suzanne 一起吃饭,Suzanne 劝他说,这未必不是件好事。她说,

S: Back at my old job there were some days where I barely used my brain at all! I just did the same thing over and over again.

M: So what happened after you got fired? Did a new opportunity come your way?

S: Not exactly. It took me about a year to figure out that opportunities weren't going to come my way.... I learnt that you have to create your own opportunities.

M: So that's when you started your company.

S: Yeah! I always had an interest in gardening, so I thought to myself: There must be a lot of people who also have this interest and would like to have a garden but don't have the time to set one up.

Suzanne说,原来工作的时候,总是同样的工作来回做,did the same thing over and over again. 完全不用动大脑,失业后,她用一年的时间才发现,机会不会自己?#30097;?#38376;来,opportunities weren't going to come my way, 还不如自己去创造机会。于是她决定自己开公司,帮助那些?#19981;对?#33402;但是没有时间整理花园的人整理花园。

M: So now you go around making custom-designed gardens for homes and offices, right?

S: Yes! I never would've thought in a million years that my interest in gardening would turn into a career! If I hadn't gotten fired, I would've never found my calling!

M: That's cool....and it does offer me some hope. I guess I need to do some thinking about what I really want to do.

S: I'm not saying it's going to be easy.... I spent almost one year doing odd jobs and trying to figure out what I wanted to do. Not having a stable income can be difficult.

因此,Suzanne 开了一家公司,专门为公司和家庭 custom-design 量身定做花园。她说,要不是被解雇,她死也不会想到自己的爱好?#35895;?#20250;成为职业,in a million years 是一种夸张的说法,就是无论如何也不会的意思。正是被解雇,才让她最?#29031;业?#20102;自己的 calling, calling is spelled c-a-l-l-i-n-g, calling, 一个人最适?#31995;?#32844;业。Suzanne 说,不过,这个过程也很艰难,她足足打了一年零工才走出低谷,odd jobs 是零工的意思。Mickey 听后深受启发。

M: Yeah....right now I have some savings so I'll be good for about six months...but if I can't find something after that it's going to start getting tough.

S: Do you have a "dream" or something you've always wanted to do?

M: Well, I have always had the idea of opening a bicycle store. I'm talking about selling rare, vintage or special custom-made bicycles.

Mickey说,自己存款有限,撑半年还行,再久就扛不住了。Suzanne 问他有没有什么梦想。Mickey 说,他一直想开一家自?#35856;?#24215;,专卖那些不多见,古香古色,或是订做的自?#35856;怠?#20182;在这里用的 vintage is spelled v-i-n t-a-g-e, vintage 意思是老式的,古典的。

S: Interesting! Cycling is quite a trend these days and if you can find bicycles that no one else has....it just might work!

M: I've always been interested in bicycles and I know a lot about them. I never thought I would have a chance to open a bike store.

S: Give it some thought! This could be your calling in life!!

M: I'll think about it! Thanks, Suzanne! Now let's eat!

Suzanne 说, Mickey 想开自?#35856;?#24215;的梦想很有意思,因为现在很流行骑车,it's quite a trend. Suzanne 觉得 Mickey 可以认真地?#32842;プ聊ィ?give it some thought 好好想想,没准真能?#23567;ickey 听了很受鼓舞,说从来没想到,自己这辈子真能有机会开一家自?#35856;?#24215;,实?#32622;?#24819;。

it's time to think about my own career.what I should do?I dream to do QA job in my future.
Dream is great power
作者:sammy song
lossing a job can be possitive,
作者:sammy song
i want to be a dancer ,iam a assisant now.
作者:Emily shao
do you think it is too late to talk about my dream when a women is close to 40 years old?i felt sad i always thought about how to make live in my past, my dream is far away from me more and more.
作者:Emily shao
i am afraid of lossing job, i have old mother and young daugter to raise,actually i never had the experience since i gratuated from univercity 16 years ago although i changed my job several times.
It's not late to chase our dream no matter how old we are. Many people even never try to start. We start to chase and we've already surpassed ourselves
yes it is vintage, odd job,opportunity did't come to my way again, cutom-design,calling, in a million year, it is quite a trend, give it some thought.yes we should find ourself and replace ourself
i prepare for a hunting a job
what is my dream? maybe it is far away from me.
it's not always easy for us to turn our interests into career,but we can think about doing some related works in square time. Then we can figure out whether it can be a calling in our life.
Opportunities weren't going to come my way, but I still can't find my calling in my career.
oppotunities weren't never going to come my way,but I still find my calling in my career although the process of chasing my dreams is very difficult.
what can i do in the future?
This is very perfect program. I have ever learn from VOA Special English. I found the program brefore tow days, I am deeply interested in it. There are lots of good sentences to be able to help to me improve my writing skill , and I discovered some question that I don't know how to translate, but those explanation give me a lot of help
where is my dream
i don't think that it's too late to dream your dream even you're 40 years old.now i'm 40 years old ,two children's mother,having a dream to become a elegant woman.so i do anything i really interested ,pianting,making handcrafts and learning english as well while other women at the same age are waching TV and playing mahjong.i don't think a dream have to have the busness with the career,it's just what you really want to do and makes you feel happy.
Back at my old job there were some days where I barely used my brain at all because I just did the same thing over and over again. My research ability and creative thinking gradually lost, and so I was laid off in the end. My god! No opportunities came my way in the next two years. However, I had no much savings and had to find another job to well support my family. Not having a stable income was really difficult. hat could I do?
It took me about half a year to figure out that opportunities were not going to come my way. I have to create my own opportunities. Then I started my own business. I always had an interest in family education and thought to myself: There must be many families who are in need of family education but the parents don't have much time or aren't professiona.
So I am going around making custom-designed education plans for those families. I never would've thought in a million years that my interest in family education would become a career. If I hadn't gotten fired, I would've never found my calling.
i want change my job ,now i don't like my job at all. I am 28 years old, i have a boy.I am afraid that i wouldn't have enough money if i lost my job .I have never found my calling,though i often have an good idea when i meet and think about something
Calling is an interesting word.It's like a destiny mission for everyone from the initial life.I am still on the way to find my calling, and I believe it is not far away.
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