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VOA流行美語 - Lesson 391 - back on your feet 恢復健康 / B.O.體臭


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李華前陣子傷到左手,最近剛剛康復。今天Larry到醫院來看李華。李華會學到兩個常用語:back on your feet和B.O.。

LL: Li Hua, are you feeling better now?

LH: 你看,我現在都能搬東西了呢!

LL: Whoa, be careful! But hey, it looks like you're back on your feet again!

LH: Back on my feet? 我腳沒有受傷啦,只有手而已。

LL: No, that's not what I meant. To be back on your feet is a general saying referring to a person who has recovered or healed from an illness.

LH: 啊,你說I am back on my feet是指我手臂養好了,恢復了,是嗎?

LL: Yes. I understand why you would think I was talking about your feet, though. A sick person is usually in bed all day. Therefore, when we say that a person is back on their feet, that means they can get off the sick bed and walk around feeling healthy.

LH: 喔。原來to be back on your feet是說一個病人已經不用再整天躺在病床上,可以自由走動的意思。

LL: That's right. Can you give me an example?

LH: 好啊。Larry, I really hope you get back on your feet soon.

LL: You...you hope that I will get well soon? But I'm not even sick...

LH: 可是你臉色好差喔。

LL: That's not true. Ohhh..ughhh...what is that smell??

LH: 有不好聞的味道嗎?在哪里?

LL: Li Hua! You didn't shower the whole time you were in the hospital did you? I can smell your B.O.

LH: B.O.? 你在說什么啊?我可是天天洗澡呢!

LL: But that smell...B.O. is body odor. I don't think you showered, Li Hua.

LH: 你說我有體臭?!怎么可能呢?我真的每天都清洗呢。

LL: Then what's that smell??

LH: 我真的不知道你在說什么。難道...

LL: See?! You didn't shower!

LH: 如果不是我的話,那一定是你!

LL: It cannot be me. I shower everyday and I put on cologne this morning. Li Hua, maybe you're not back on your feet yet. You can't even remember if you showered or not.

LH: 怎么這樣說。我只不過是手骨折,記性并沒有變差啊。And no, I do not have B.O.

LL: Fine then. But hey, you've learned two slang expressions today! Back on your feet and B.O. do you know how to use each?

LH: 嗯。B.O. 就是體臭的意思。For example: Larry had such horrible B.O. that I almost passed out. Larry的體臭難聞到我差點昏過去。

LL: I do not have horrible B.O.! You were the one who smelled like...

LH: 舉個例子嘛,干嘛那么認真。那么back on your feet是康復的意思。我可以說,My hand is back on my feet, 我都康復了。

LL: You used B.O. correctly. But the phrase, back on your feet, refers to a person. You cannot say your hand is back on its feet. Instead you should say that you, the person, are back on your feet.

LH: 喔。To be back on your feet是形容康復的人,而不是形容受傷的部位。所以我得說,I am back on my feet.

LL: That's right. But oh, that smell! It's okay, Li Hua. You can tell me if you didn't shower in a while. I understand. I won't mind.

LH: 可是真的不是我的B.O.啊。啊!我知道了!一定是這個!

(Li Hua holds out a bag of food.)

LL: Oh my goodness! What is that?

LH: 這是臭豆腐!其實很好吃的,而且又香。你是因為沒吃過所以不習慣它的味道。

LL: Stinky tofu? Why do you have stinky tofu?

LH: 喔。剛才爸媽來過了。知道我很愛吃臭豆腐,就帶來給我吃的啊。來,你也嘗一塊。

LL: Phew! Thanks but no thanks. I don't want to make people think I have terrible B.O. But hey, I'm sure glad to see that you are back on your feet!

MC: 各位聽眾,今天李華從 Larry 那兒學到兩個常用語,一個是 back on your feet, 表示一個人“恢復健康”;另一個是 B.O., 也就是“體臭”的意思。這次《流行美語》播送完了,謝謝收聽,下次節目再見。

I don't like people have a terrible body odor
I hope my will back on her feet as soon as possible!
I hope my friend will back on her feet as soon as possible!
i haven't been here for quite a long time^_^
Through a week`s treatment, today, I am back on my feet.
when people recover from an illness, we say they are back on their feet. if people donot take a shower for a long time, they do have a terrible body odor.
I hope my girl friend will be back on her feet soon,after I push her away.
作者:Alan Zhang
stinky tofu ,back on ones foot , B.O(body odor)
My grandmother have been sickened for a long time,i hope she will be back on her feet soon!
b.o.is so scary for me.
I'm gald to see that you're back on your feet.But I think you have horrible body odor.You should do shower.
Stinky tofu,it's delicious but it's not healthful.We should cherish our life.
Stinky tofu?Ahhhhh……That is my favourite,But sometimes it smells like someone's B.O.Now,i eat them once a blue moon.Because i can't find a shop to buy them.What a pity!
I hope my grandpa get back on his feet soon !what's more ,a friend of mine has terrible B.O which makes me uncomfortable everytime i stay with her!I think she should take one more shower everyday.
Stinky tofu smells bad,but tastes good
To be back on your feet是形容康復的人,而不是形容受傷的部位。B.O“體臭”
B.O. refers to body odor, and people don't like it. Boys who enjoy football games and take part in it always having bad B.O..
Stinky tofu is very nice. l like it,too.
My elder brother is back on his feet and lost B.o so he can get off bed .then he can walk around .
作者:Jessie Lynn
Stinky tofu! I like ~haha
作者:Jessie Lynn
Thanks but no thanks. What's mean ?
very good!
I really hope you get back on your soon!
I really hope you will get back on your feet soon.
excellent article
作者:rice with egg
sb be back on one's feet B.O
I really hope my toe can be back on my feet.
I hope my friend get back on his feet as soon as possible, but he has B.O, it is very bad smell!
li hua have gotten back on her feet!
Can a body with B.O can be back on his/her feet?
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